Student Life

At Trent Education Centre (TEC) Study Centres in Nottingham, Leicester and Birmingham, we aim to provide students with the holistic education they need. As part of this approach, we are developing, in consultation with students, a social programme that includes events and activities that bring students together as a thriving and diverse community. 

We are establishing a Student Union that will be given training and support so it may take the lead in developing an annual calendar of social and educational events that students want and need.  When you join TEC, you will be invited and supported to get actively involved in decision-making that affects the indivdual learning and social experience of all TEC students in all Study Centres.

Well-Equipped Educational Facilities

Our Study Centres in Nottingham, Leicester and Birmingham have newly fitted IT equipment, including laptops and PCs with projectors and Smart Boards. Classrooms are spacious and designed for flexible seating arrangement so that you can participate in engaging lessons with good variety of interaction for knowledge and skills development.

Public Events

Take part in our Public Events, where we engage the community in a range of activities, including forums for academic discussions, employability guidance and support and workshops that will enrich your learning experience at TEC.

Director's message for the students

''At Trent Education Centre, we believe that student life should be about more than just academics. It's a holistic experience that encourages personal growth, community engagement, and well-rounded development. Join us to explore the dynamic and enriching student life that awaits you at Trent Education Centre.''
Zaheer Ahmed


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