Trent Education Centre (TEC) has been providing functional skills and vocational training courses to adults in Nottingham, Leicester and Birmingham since 2012.  Many of the people we support believe that they have missed their chance for an education.  They may have left school recently or many years ago, and lack the academic skills or confidence to study at a university.   TEC exists to support such people.  We help them build their self-esteem and competencies, so they can succeed in education at university level and go on to career success.

Our Holistic Approach to Education

We believe that the well-being and personal growth of our students is essential to their academic achievement and career success.  We focus, therefore, on integrating personal, social, and emotional development, with the knowledge and skills required for university-level qualifications, and the modern workplace.


Future Plans

We have many students graduating from functional skills and vocational training courses who are looking for progression into university level education. We aspire, therefore, to run our own higher education courses in the near future, so that our students can complete their educational journey with us.

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Our Director: Mr. Zaheer Ahmed

A very warm welcome to Trent Education Centre (TEC). I take great pleasure in helping people transform their lives through education.  It is my privilege to lead a college that is able to offer this opportunity to so many people in the UK, supporting them throughout their education journey.  Our caring and inclusive ethos prepare our students to succeed in higher education and their careers.

Our Mission

To provide students within local communities with the holistic education they need to improve their life chances.

University felt like something I missed out on due to life's challenges. Trent Education Centre didn't just see my past; they saw my potential. When I first approached them, I was worried about being treated like a school kid. Instead, they referred me to a course that valued my maturity and life experience. Thanks to Trent, I'm not just catching up; I'm creating a new chapter in my educational journey. ”


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