ATHE Level 6 Extended Diploma in Business and Management

Elevate Your Management Skills with the ATHE Level 6 Extended Diploma


The ATHE Level 6 Extended Diploma in Management is your gateway to advanced leadership, research, and optional specialisms in key areas such as Finance, HR, Marketing, and Personal Development. This prestigious qualification also offers a pathway to an MBA at various universities in the UK and overseas, opening doors to a wide range of career opportunities.

Career Opportunities

Chart Your Path in Management

Upon successful completion of the Level 6 Extended Diploma in Management, you’ll be equipped for a multitude of rewarding career paths, including:

  • Leadership Roles: Step into leadership positions with a strong foundation in management principles.
  • Research and Specialisms: Explore specific areas such as Finance, HR, Marketing, and Personal Development.
  • MBA Progression: Our programme provides a pathway to advanced degrees, including an MBA, through our university partners. Discover your options at

Program Learning Outcomes

What You’ll Achieve

The Level 6 Extended Diploma in Management empowers you with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills. By the end of the programme, you’ll have achieved:

  • Proficiency in leadership and research methodologies.
  • Specialised knowledge in areas such as Finance, HR, Marketing, and Personal Development.
  • Strong analytical, decision-making, and strategic planning abilities.
  • The ability to thrive in leadership and management roles.
  • Eligibility for advanced degrees and further career growth.


Leadership and Management15
Research Project15
Managing Quality and Service Delivery15
Personal Leadership and Management Development15

Why Trent?

Qualified Teachers: Our teachers hold recognised and relevant teaching and assessment qualifications and are experienced in teaching the subject to adults. They will find out about your individual needs and make sure that you are able to get the best out of the course.

Individual Focus: At Trent Education Centre, we believe in the power of individual attention. Our teaching and support staff will assess your needs and monitor your development throughout the course.  We will provide you with extra support if needed. We won’t treat you like a face in the crowd, but an individual with unique learning needs and interests.

Expert Guidance: Our instructors are seasoned professionals in the field of management, dedicated to nurturing your leadership skills and knowledge.

Path to Progression: Our qualifications are structured to support your journey towards advanced degrees, offering various pathways to career growth.

Flexible Learning: With a range of optional pathways and graded Pass, Merit, or Distinction, you can tailor your learning experience to match your career goals.

Comprehensive Curriculum: The Level 6 Extended Diploma consists of 1,200 learning hours, typically studied over an academic year, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.

Multiple Delivery Modes: Our courses can be delivered in the classroom, through distance learning, or in a blended learning format, providing flexibility to suit your needs.

Join us at Trent Education Centre and embark on an exciting journey of personal and professional growth with the ATHE Level 6 Extended Diploma in Management. We provide the education, guidance, and support you need to excel in the ever-evolving field of management.

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